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Page history last edited by Ben Halsall 8 years, 6 months ago

The Leeds 13


These pages contain an archive of information about The Leeds 13 group of artists and their work. How to edit this site


- About The Leeds 13

- Artwork and Exhibitions

- Going Places

     - Synopsis

     - Images

- Degree Show

     - List of works

     - Catalogue Introduction

     - Images

- A Play on Grass

- A Christmas Pudding for Henry

- F.K.A.A.

- Go Away: Artists and Travel



- Press/Comment

- Bibliography

- Images

- External Links to media coverage

- Blog

- Contact

        - email link to user@leeds13.org.uk (we can all have user names or check generic address)

- External Links

- Martin Wainwright (8 June 1999) 'Art student hoaxers bow out with the real thing',


- bbc.co.uk (14 July 1998) 'Top marks for "Costa Scarborough" students'.

- Leeds Uni (Going Places)

- Leeds Uni (Degree show)

- Times Higher Education Supplement (17 Sept 1999), 'Leeds 13 win their appeal for a first for art'

- You Tube (leeds 13 channel)

- Art, Design and Publicity (July 2009) 'The Art Student 'how I survived a national media frenzy'

- Art, Design and Publicity (July 2009) 'Publicity Outputs, Leeds 13-Style'

A Microstory of Curating (2011) Edited by Lee Joss (see Peter Hill's 'Encyclopedia of Superfictions' p.31)




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Comments (4)

Jen said

at 6:02 pm on Aug 15, 2009

Hi guys
Have uploaded some new articles/pics etc. - find them in 'uploaded files' section. Have put them under new headings, should be fairly self explanatory. Feel free to change, however. Haven't added anything to the actual pages as yet. Bfn, Jen.

sarah jane thornton said

at 4:54 pm on Sep 16, 2009

Hi Folks,
thanks John and Sian for putting the RTE guy in touch with me, hopefully i will do us proud, wants to know 'the full story' the when, how and why. He seemed to know a few good bits and pieces about us, so he'd done some research. Its funny how 'the precious' seems to come back to life every so often, continuing itself, alive on some media time line, jolted back into existence, the Frankenstein of our many minds made mortal in some art relic Resurrection every few years. ( Jesus I seem to have gone all Stephen King ).

Any how, i'll find out when it will be broadcasted and how and he said he would put a link to us (where would that be any ideas?) . He's phoning me back with details of where interview will be done, interview will be in next day or two. It's funny how its come at this time, lucky that the ball was set rolling at Johns end and all that info has been sorted onto the Pbot space, its felt like I've done a good bit of examining of 'the project', it's been fun looking at all the news clippings and watching us all frozen in time.

If anyone thinks of anything I should say let us know.

RE: Interview for RTE (radio Telifis eirean) prob spelt wrong.

Thanks for letting me have a go!

Congrats To Susannah + Mark and Ben + Meg for getting married in Canada, what a beautiful coincidence.xx

Cheers, my dear comrades in arts and arms ( hugs not guns)

sarah jane thornton said

at 3:32 pm on Oct 15, 2009


Link to RTE Radio 1, Curious Ear, Ronan Kelly

sarah jane thornton said

at 6:38 pm on Nov 1, 2009

this is the full link,
I've also had a guy contact me about a job interview at the uni's corporate services here's what he said"Michael sent you a message.

Subject: Leeds 13

Hello Sarah. Sorry this is going to be quite a random message. My name is Mike. I'm writing because I have a job interview next week with coprorate services at the University of Leeds. Part of the interview is a written excercise and the preparation they have given me is 40 press clippings about "Going Places" from May 1998.

I just wondered if you would be willing to share with me your reflections on Going Places ?

In particular, I read about the Student Union's reather negative reaction, but how did the University react ? Did you pass the third year, and were there any disciplinary hearings etc. from the University side?

Sorry for all the quesitons and thank you for accepting a random person as a facebook friend.

Best wishes


Michael Byde

I sent him the radio link and have answered the questions, but will give him the link to this site so he can request a look if he needs more details, or if any one wants to get to him through facebook it's Micheal Byde, he friend requested me on facebook and i thought he might have been a friend of a friend or something work related so i accepted his friendship.xx

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